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Tow Care Brisbane http://towcare.com.au Mobile Caravan Repairs, Mobile Trailer Repairs and 12 volt Electrical Services Thu, 03 Dec 2015 00:26:53 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.4.1 Old Windup Caravan Now has an Easy Lift Roof http://towcare.com.au/old-windup-caravan-now-has-an-easy-lift-roof/ http://towcare.com.au/old-windup-caravan-now-has-an-easy-lift-roof/#comments Fri, 07 Sep 2012 01:39:55 +0000 Peter Armstrong http://towcare.com.au/?p=1277 Old windup caravan gets an upgrade

The owner of this mature windup camper can now drive into a caravan park, get out the chairs and wine, and simply click the up button on the remote control.

No more digging the wind handle out of the front boot of the caravan and cranking the roof up. This camper now has the Autowind system retrofitted to ease the raising and lowering of the caravan roof.

Autowind is a remote controlled winch package that replaces the manual winch usually associated with the windup camper design. The electric winch is powered by a battery, but can still be activated manually, if required.

Autowind Remote controlled winch installed in a windup caravan

When setting up the system, the upper and lower limits of the winch travel can be set and stored in the winch the controller. This means that a single key press will raise the roof to a preset height.

AutoWind winch bolts to the windup caravan fish plate

The Autowind electric winch links into the existing lift system by simply bolting to the fish plate. The fish plate holds the four corner wires that help raise and lower the roof. No other parts of the original lift system are affected.

If you have an injury or dread winding up you camper on a touring holiday, then the Autowind system may help you keep your caravan for many more trips.

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Horse Float Floor Repaired in Brisbane http://towcare.com.au/horse-float-floor-repaired-in-brisbane/ http://towcare.com.au/horse-float-floor-repaired-in-brisbane/#comments Tue, 17 Jul 2012 23:39:53 +0000 Peter Armstrong http://towcare.com.au/?p=1153
Horse Float Repairs Brisbane
There's life in the old girl yet
- Click to Enlarge


This twenty odd year horse float was overdue for some care and attention. The hardwood floor was rotted out near the rear door, where the weather had got in, over time.

Horse Float Repairs Brisbane
Float Floor Renewed - Click to Enlarge


I managed to source some nice 6 x 1 inch hardwood to use in the floor repair around the rear door. The bulk of the floor was intact, so the floor ends were cut off and supported with a new steel cross member. The new timber sections were cut to length and bolted in using galvanized fasteners.

Horse Float Repairs Brisbane
Weather rotted floor - Click to Enlarge


All the repairs were carried out, at the owner’s city acreage, just in time to attend the weekend gymkhana meet.

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Rare Brisbane Jayco Eagle Windup For Sale http://towcare.com.au/rare-brisbane-jayco-eagle-windup-for-sale/ http://towcare.com.au/rare-brisbane-jayco-eagle-windup-for-sale/#comments Mon, 16 Jul 2012 08:02:08 +0000 Peter Armstrong http://towcare.com.au/?p=1143
Rare Jayco Eagle Windup Brisbane
Jayco Eagle For Sale - Click to Enlarge


Jayco Eagle camper trailer in great condition. RWC and gas certificate just done plus it was serviced at the same time. After the service they told me it was one of the nicest Jayco trailers they’ve seen in a while. We’ve loved travelling with it but now the kids are older our travel plans have changed. Everything in fine working order. 3 way fridge, 2x queen beds, gas stove, lots of storage. All poles present and accounted for, nothing is missing. Full annexe with all pegs and ropes, plus a bunch of spare ropes and wooden blocks. A Jayco trailer in this condition is hard to find, believe me, it took months to find this one. Registered until November 2012.  A good buy at around 13K.

Rare Jayco Eagle Windup Brisbane
Great inside - Click to Enlarge


If your interested in this Woody Point camper email me at peter@towcare.com.au for contact details.

Rare Jayco Eagle Windup Brisbane
Jayco Eagle Windup - Click to Enlarge
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Brisbane Camper Trailer Inspection Tips http://towcare.com.au/brisbane-camper-trailer-inspection-tips/ http://towcare.com.au/brisbane-camper-trailer-inspection-tips/#comments Tue, 27 Mar 2012 05:33:17 +0000 Peter Armstrong http://towcare.com.au/?p=1133 With Easter and Queensland school break around the corner, many families prepare for a camping holiday getaway. Part of getting setup for camp, is to upgrade from a tent and move to one of the many used camper trailer options currently on the market.

1974 Jayco Dove Inspection Tips


I was recently asked to fix a few things on a 1974 Jayco Dove camper to make it road worthy, for the new owners.

There were a few little surprises along the way, that can add unexpected costs, that I thought I would share with wary camper trailer buyers.

No wiring on one of the side running lights

One common issue on old campers is no running or clearance lights. The running lights usually fire up when you flick the lights on in the car. There are two on each side and two on the rear (these double as stop lights).

If one light is out, it is usually a bulb. If all the lights are out it is usually a rusted out earth screw on one or more of the lights. The running lights are often connected together, so if one is not earthed to the body they all fail.

This was the case on our Jayco camper. But on removing the light lenses I discovered that one light fitting had no wiring at all. I inspected the forward cavity and found no trace of the wires. I had to run a cable from the other side of the camper and splice it into the clearance light wire, coming from the trailer plug.

1974 Jayco Dove Inspection Tips


No Brake Wiring or Brake Magnets

Their were no working brakes on the Jayco. Although the camper was set up with electric brakes, on closer inspection the brake pads were shot and there were no brake magnets inside of the hub drums. As well the wiring that drives the electric braking system were completely removed.

I installed a completely new set of brake backing plates, magnets and pads. Then ran the correct sized wiring from the drawbar to both wheels. The handbrake cable and adjuster were also replaced and the whole braking system tested and adjusted.

It is worth noting the style of brakes on your potential purchase (electric is common), because there can be other cost implications. For example – Electric brakes require a brake controller to be installed into your car, in order to tow the trailer. You will need to budget at least $300 for this requirement.

In the case of this Jayco a simple controller was installed on the trailer drawbar to allow any rated car to tow the camper. These units don’t offer as many features as the in car version, but are fine for lower weight towing.

1974 Jayco Dove Inspection Tips


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Swing away mount for remote caravan mover provides off road clearance http://towcare.com.au/swing-away-mount-for-remote-caravan-mover-provides-off-road-clearance/ http://towcare.com.au/swing-away-mount-for-remote-caravan-mover-provides-off-road-clearance/#comments Wed, 29 Feb 2012 02:41:59 +0000 Peter Armstrong http://towcare.com.au/?p=1126 Peter Armstrong from Tow Care Brisbane tests a Purple Line Remote Control Caravan Mover on a steep driveway. Installed on a Jayco Swan windup caravan / camper for a Brisbane customer, a swing-away Travel Jack has been designed and supplied by Tow Care to stow the remote electric mover motors up under the caravan and provide high clearance under the van.

The Jayco Swan has the springs set over the axle which lifts the under side of the chassis approximately 630mm above the ground. This high clearance required a special mounting system to be deployed, to secure the Purple Line caravan mover electric motors. The system also allows the caravan owner to raise the electric motors and the connected cross members clear of the caravan axle while traveling.

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How to prevent trailer repair disasters http://towcare.com.au/prevent_trailer_repair_disasters/ http://towcare.com.au/prevent_trailer_repair_disasters/#comments Thu, 16 Feb 2012 05:44:38 +0000 Peter Armstrong http://towcare.com.au/?p=1107 In the mobile trailer repair business, I see some unfortunate trailer wheel failures. Murphy’s law dictates that these roadside disasters will always occur when you are trying to enjoy your holiday or are rushing to complete a run to the rubbish dump for example.

Following, are a few instances where I recently had the opportunity to help trailer owners in Brisbane:

In this first example the wheel came completely off the trailer. That’s it below, still bolted to the trailer wheel hub.

Trailer Wheel Falls Off Brisbane
Trailer Wheel Falls Off Brisbane - Click to Enlarge


The remains of  the outer bearing were seized onto the axle. Luckily no one was injured when the wheel came off that night.


Trailer Wheel Bearing Failure Brisbane
Trailer Wheel Bearing Failure Brisbane - Click to Enlarge


A bearing puller and cold chisel were used to remove the remains of the bearing from the stub part of the axle. Once cleared, it was a matter of installing a new set of bearings on both sides of this trailer.


Trailer Wheel Bearing Seized On Brisbane
Trailer Wheel Bearing Seized On Brisbane - Click to Enlarge


In the next case the boat trailer wheel came away, but was luckily, kept on the trailer by the disk brake caliper. The owner could not feel anything while driving the tow vehicle. The trailer wheel flogged itself around and destroyed the end of the axle. The repair required a new axle, new axle U bolts, a new hub on one side and new bearings on both sides.


Boat Trailer Wheel Bearing Failure Brisbane
Boat Trailer Wheel Bearing Failure Brisbane - Click to Enlarge


Nearing $1000 in repairs and heaps of roadside heart ache, may have been avoided, by simply checking and re-greasing the bearings each year for a few hundred dollars.

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New remote control lifting system for your wind up camper http://towcare.com.au/new-remote-control-lifting-system-for-your-wind-up-camper/ http://towcare.com.au/new-remote-control-lifting-system-for-your-wind-up-camper/#comments Fri, 27 Jan 2012 05:55:57 +0000 Peter Armstrong http://towcare.com.au/?p=1100 Raising the roof of your windup camper, after a long days travel,  no longer needs to be hard labour. Now you can raise the roof without raising a sweat. No more winch handle frustrations, just sit back and press a button. Autowind is a new remote controlled electric roof lifting system for your windup caravan or camper.

This uniquely Australian designed product, raises and lowers the roof at the press of a button. The canvas can be safely tucked away, while you stop and start the lowering process. The Autowind system can be retro fitted to all styles of Coromal, jayco, Golf, Quest RV, Goldstream and Roma windup campers.

Remote Windup Camper Roof Lifting Control Unit

Autowind will raise and lower the heaviest roof, even with an Air-Con unit and roll out awning attached.

Remote Windup Camper Roof Lifting Winch

Tow Care is now taking appointments, to install the Autowind system in Brisbane. We can supply a mobile installation service and can supply and fit this labour saving addition to your wind up camper. Just think how quickly you can setup your camp and reach a relaxing chair, with this hassle free remote controlled roof lifting system.

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Redland Bay Caravan Detailed For Sale http://towcare.com.au/redland-bay-caravan-detailed-for-sale/ http://towcare.com.au/redland-bay-caravan-detailed-for-sale/#comments Tue, 29 Nov 2011 08:17:07 +0000 Peter Armstrong http://towcare.com.au/?p=1089 Popped out to Redland Bay today to help Greg Dearaugo get his Roadstar Caravan ready for sale.

Caravan Detailed For Sale Redland Bay
Caravan Detailed For Sale - Click to Enlarge

Greg is a sign writer by trade and will spend some time bringing the decals on this baby back to show room condition.

He asked Tow Care to detail the outside of the van and add some zing to the bathroom and toilet cubical. Firing up the air-conditioning, sure made that part of the job a dream.

Caravan Detailed For Sale Redland Bay
Caravan Detailed For Sale - Click to Enlarge

The van is in great condition for it’s age. It came standard with a hot water system, and even has a washing machine.

Caravan Detailed For Sale Redland Bay
Caravan Detailed For Sale - Click to Enlarge

We cleaned and polished the powder coating on the white dual wheels and gave the rollout awning the full treatment.

Caravan Detailed For Sale Redland Bay
Caravan Detailed For Sale - Click to Enlarge

I got up on the roof expecting a mold farm and was pleasantly surprised. Sure there was a few mold spots growing in the mastic material that waterproofs the wall and roof joins, but this is normal. We took our normal precautions to protect decals, plastic fittings and vinyl guards. Then applied a shock chlorine treatment and plenty of elbow grease to the roof. Now it looks new.

Caravan Detailed For Sale Redland Bay
Caravan Detailed For Sale - Click to Enlarge

So if your in the market for a caravan, especially one with a microwave, ring Greg on 32068971 or 0418872632 and set up a time to have a look.

And tell him Peter Armstrong from Tow Care sent you.

Caravan Detailed For Sale Redland Bay
Caravan Detailed For Sale - Click to Enlarge
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Queensland On Track With Trailer Repairs http://towcare.com.au/queensland-on-track-with-trailer-repairs/ http://towcare.com.au/queensland-on-track-with-trailer-repairs/#comments Fri, 18 Nov 2011 01:31:58 +0000 Peter Armstrong http://towcare.com.au/?p=1082 Keeping a defence campaign on track in 2012 requires attention to the detail. The little things make all the difference.

Tandem Axle Storage Trailer Brisbane
Storage Trailer Brisbane - Click to Enlarge


This storage trailer was given the once over by Tow Care, to ensure no delays were experienced when it was needed.

A detailed inspection report is part of the quality assurance given to Tow Care mobile trailer repair customers.

Trailer Service Report Brisbane
Trailer Service Report Brisbane - Click to View
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One Tip for Detailing a Caravan in Brisbane http://towcare.com.au/coromal-caravan-detailing-in-brisbane/ http://towcare.com.au/coromal-caravan-detailing-in-brisbane/#comments Thu, 17 Nov 2011 08:32:27 +0000 Peter Armstrong http://towcare.com.au/?p=1068 This Coromal off-road caravan got a Tow Care face lift before going to a new owner in Brisbane.

Mobile Caravan Detailing Service Brisbane
Caravan Detailing Brisbane - Click to Enlarge


The onsite service was delivered while the owner was at work. The lady of the house came home to a nice fresh caravan, all ready for delivery.

Mobile Caravan Detailing Service Brisbane
Caravan Detailing Brisbane - Click to Enlarge


The mobile caravan detailing service included the following steps:

Mobile Caravan Detailing Service Brisbane
Caravan Detailing Brisbane - Click to Enlarge


  • Clean roof and remove mold
  • Clean roll-out awning and remove mold
  • Re-condition vinyl nose guard
  • Clean caravan wall hardware nooks and crannies (light fittings, panel joins, etc)
  • Wash and wax walls
  • Polish Windows
  • Chamois Wall surfaces
  • Blacken tyres
  • Buff and Polish optional


Mobile Caravan Detailing Service Brisbane
Caravan Detailing Brisbane - Click to Enlarge


One tip when detailing a caravan is to use a small stiff brush to work around all the fittings on the outside of the van, before the walls are washed and waxed. There are a lot of nooks and crannies on a caravan, but this action gives a professional finish.

Mobile Caravan Detailing Service Brisbane
Caravan Detailing Brisbane - Click to Enlarge
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