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Horse Float Floor Repaired in Brisbane | Tow Care Brisbane

Horse Float Floor Repaired in Brisbane

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Horse Float Repairs Brisbane
There's life in the old girl yet
- Click to Enlarge


This twenty odd year horse float was overdue for some care and attention. The hardwood floor was rotted out near the rear door, where the weather had got in, over time.

Horse Float Repairs Brisbane
Float Floor Renewed - Click to Enlarge


I managed to source some nice 6 x 1 inch hardwood to use in the floor repair around the rear door. The bulk of the floor was intact, so the floor ends were cut off and supported with a new steel cross member. The new timber sections were cut to length and bolted in using galvanized fasteners.

Horse Float Repairs Brisbane
Weather rotted floor - Click to Enlarge


All the repairs were carried out, at the owner’s city acreage, just in time to attend the weekend gymkhana meet.

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