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Thorpe Camp Vintage Caravan

Posted Posted by Peter Armstrong in Classic Caravans     Comments No comments
Created by: G1ZQCArtwork

This caravan was built in 1938 and was originally painted white. The owners feared it would become a bombing target in WWII so it was hidden away in a shed and stayed there many years, until it was rescued and restored, repainted in its present colours it was on display at Thorpe Camp Visitor Centre at the 2009 1940s weekend. Pictured here at differing exposures in almost complete darkness by David G1ZQC Artwork.

Retro Caravan’s 360 Animation

Posted Posted by Peter Armstrong in Classic Caravans     Comments No comments
Created by: Rendersmart

Rendersmart were engaged to produce a cost effective simple 360degree animation of what Retro Caravans products would look like when reviving and old favourite.

AL-KO Electric Caravan Brakes

Posted Posted by Peter Armstrong in Electric Brakes     Comments No comments
Created by: ALKOWORLD

AL-KO Electric Brakes for Caravans and Horse Floats are the best product of its kind on the market. This video shows you the best set up and use for AL-KO Electric Brakes.

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