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Caravan Insurance and Retro Caravans

Posted Posted by Peter Armstrong in Classic Caravans     Comments No comments
Created by: Harvey Taylor

Retro caravans are all the rage, with new boutique caravans introducing ‘glamping’ as opposed to camping. As this trend is taking off, caravan insurance still needs to be taken into serious consideration, especially if you have decorated your caravan luxuriously with expensive accessories.

As people aren’t really up for forking out for expensive hotels or even B&B’s in the present climate, it has become more popular and fun, to go on caravan holidays in different parts of the country. Many people are customising their caravans to suit their own tastes – long gone are the days of plain white exterior and floral interiors. An alternative twist to mainstream caravaning, from different shapes and sizes, to stylish, modern and retro, it is becoming a sure hit for summer holidays.

There are several types of retro caravans out there, such as the Cheltenham Springbok which a lady called Lydia owns. She said about her rare caravan: “We were looking for the perfect retreat, and at first we purchased a beach hut. Although it was lovely, it wasn’t mobile, so we tried narrowboating. That was too restrictive so we bought a Cheltenham Fawn. We were hooked.” After a while, they upgraded to the unique Springbok, one of only a few left in existence.

The ‘Canned Ham’ is called so because of its shape and metallic exterior. Stephen had a love of classic cars, which inspired him to find his own cool caravan, he said: “We spent years attending classic car shows and sleeping in a tent, so it seemed time to buy a caravan. We bought our 1954 Cardinal Travel Trailer, or ‘Canned Ham’ as it is known due to its shape, via an internet auction in 2006. We take it to car shows, towing it behind our 1940s Dodge Pick-up.”

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