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Cleaning Your Canvas Porch Awning

Posted Posted by Peter Armstrong in Cleaning Canvas     Comments No comments
Created by: Andrew Nowak

After installing a canvas porch awning on your home, your only thought may be trying to spend as much time under it as possible. However, it will become dirty after a short while, and you will need to clean it to keep it looking beautiful for longer. Your awning will occasionally become a target for animal droppings, collect dust, and become dirty from sun and rain exposure. To keep your awning looking fresh, you must clean it regularly.

If you do not clean your awning properly, it may begin to deteriorate before you know it. Take these tips into consideration before you begin your cleaning.

Awnings can be washed perfectly well with just plain water from your hose. Do not use a high pressure washer because it will be too powerful against the canvas and could weaken the material.

Some stains that have had time to familiarize themselves with your awning may need more than just water to remove. In this case, you should use a detergent to help remove the stain. You should only use a mild detergent, as a heavy duty detergent could easily bleach or discolor your awning. Remember that your canvas awning is not strong and can be easily ruined. A good detergent to use is the kind you use to wash your dishes.

Soft sponges, soft cloths such as chamois, and brushes are all acceptable items to use when cleaning your awning. However, be sure to use a brush with soft bristles, as one with hard bristles could easily scratch your awning or damage its protective coat.

These tips should help you as you clean your awning and keep you from ruining it from being too hard on it. Remember that you should clean your awning regularly so that stains will not have enough time to become a permanent fixture on your porch. A monthly or quarterly basis is a good interval for cleaning. You will appreciate having a clean awning to look at when you are relaxing underneath it, and your neighbors will be impressed.

Thorpe Camp Vintage Caravan

Posted Posted by Peter Armstrong in Classic Caravans     Comments No comments
Created by: G1ZQCArtwork

This caravan was built in 1938 and was originally painted white. The owners feared it would become a bombing target in WWII so it was hidden away in a shed and stayed there many years, until it was rescued and restored, repainted in its present colours it was on display at Thorpe Camp Visitor Centre at the 2009 1940s weekend. Pictured here at differing exposures in almost complete darkness by David G1ZQC Artwork.

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