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Deluxe Bearing Packer Demonstration – etrailer.com

Posted Posted by Peter Armstrong in Trailer Bearings     Comments No comments
Created by: etrailertv

www.etrailer.com Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information. Aside from being really helpful with trailer bearings, you can also use it on other types of bearings. For example your car, truck or RV bearings. It has a minimum id of 1/2 an inch with a maximum od of it is going to 5 inches and the height of the bearing will work from a 1/4 inch up to 2 inches tall. Basically when you get it it’s going to be unassembled like this and you put it together like so. To use this device we’ll take a typical bearing we have here, and you just install like so. It doesn’t have to be centered as this device is self centering. You want to make sure the cone of the bearing is pointing up like this, make sure the narrowest point is on top. Now we take the top half and thread it on also. This makes a seal between the top and bottom halves. What happens is the grease will come out from inside the bearing out the top a little bit and then through the rollers themselves. We’ll show you where the opening is on the inside. As you can see you put the grease in here and the grease comes out at the bottom out of this hole, and it fills up the cavity around the bearing. Now it has nowhere else to go but back up through the top half of the bearing and out through the rollers. There you have it, it’s a nice easy to use tool with all steel galvanized construction. This unit can be used with powered or non-powered grease guns

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